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There are a number of reasons why you may be considering a modular building instead of a structure built on site, these range from the speed of construction, to the great prices available. One reason a lot of people don't consider a modular building is because of the general idea that they are somehow less permanent or they are not as unique as buildings built on site. That is not the case though, as most companies offer full customisation and they can be just as sturdy as any other structure. It is important though to go to a professional for your modular building. One reason many like this option so much is because it does not depend on local workers, but on experts who build similar structures all the time. In Lisburn, we have fantastic modular buildings. Our representatives look forward to hearing from you. When you are looking for an excellent modular building, just call Norspace Ltd on 028 9244 1996.

In Lisburn, See About Modular Buildings

A modular building is simply a building which is put together one piece at a time at a remote location, then moved to the site and reassembled where the building is to be used. This should not be confused with a mobile home as, once built, modular buildings are considered permanent. Maybe the most popular kind of modular building is a residence, but there are also modular offices and other kinds of buildings that can be constructed remotely then moved to the desired location. When a modular building is put together, all construction is done at an indoor factory, the only work done on site is the piecing together of the various sections if there are multiple sections. If you need a modular building, we would love to give you a hand in Lisburn.

In Lisburn, What are the Reasons to Get Modular Buildings?

Maybe the most attractive aspect of a modular building is their affordability, they are almost always less expensive than buildings built on site. Occasionally this is seen as a negative when reselling, as market psychology may set the price for a modular building lower than one built on site. Although there is no physical reason for the resell differential, and the market has been coming around over the last few years. The next advantage is that modular buildings are put together much faster than ones built on site. All of the construction is done indoors at a warehouse that already has all of the necessary equipment; things like weather and finding the materials or machinery needed never hinder construction. That modular buildings are built remotely often leads one to think that they are somehow generic and lack personality. That's not necessarily true as modular buildings are fully customisable, and the companies that provide them usually have a booklet showing a variety of models. In Lisburn, there are all kinds of reasons you may need a modular building. If you would like to know more, we are happy to answer all of your questions.

In Lisburn, What Types of Modular Buildings are Available?

Over time modular homes have become a lot more popular. This is due to several factors, but specifically this is because of the speed of construction and the low cost. Permanent homes are not the only kind of modular building, as modular offices are now gaining in popularity. Companies have discovered they can reduce costs on new construction during expansion by ordering prebuilt offices. Modular buildings are also used in the case of disasters. If a lot of people are displaced because of flooding or other natural disasters, modular buildings are often a smart way to get them on their feet quickly as the problem is being repaired. Almost any type of structure can be built at a remote site then shipped where it is needed. Usually there are many options for any type of building and you will be able to customise the building to fit your needs. If you want to know more about various modular buildings in Lisburn, get in touch with us.


One of the primary benefits of this type of building is that the work is done by professionals who work on similar structures each day. That is one of the things that makes it possible for your modular building to be constructed so fast, and why you can save money. Find a company that has a state of the art facility. A modular building is no longer a new idea, and the company you choose should be able to offer you plenty of options. We have a reputation in the industry for making outstanding modular buildings that are customisable and just as well-built and attractive as structures built on site. So in Lisburn, when you are looking for a modular building, look for Norspace Ltd. We would love to hear from you.